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Courses and education for veterinarians, canine health care professionals and kennel clubs. Veterinary and orthopedic services for sporting dogs.

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Preventive examinations

Examinations for growing dogs against developmental conditions and examinations for sporting dogs


Diagnostics and treatment of disorders and trauma cases using the latest knowledge and technology


Course on TPLO and CBLO in the treatment of cranial cruciate ligament rupture, Salo Finland 24.-26. August 2018

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Trakr Ltd is named after a police dog, German Shepherd Trakr. Trakr was used in the search and rescue operation in New York in the year 2001 after the World Trade Center collapsed. He found and saved the last survivor from the rubbles. Trakr was awarded by the Time Magazine as one of the worlds most heroic animals. When Trakr got older he suffered from a disease which disabled his hind limb function.

Our mission

Is to share information about the special needs of the sporting and working dogs in the treatment of injuries and in the  maintenance of the working ability. The ability to perform is a fundamental requirement for these canine athletes therefore they require expert knowledge by a dedicated team of professionals. When a sporting dog suffers from an injury the goal of the team is to bring it back not only to activity but ideally to full competitive performance. The important role played by the veterinarian as a part of this team is to offer an accurate diagnosis and state of the art treatment options.


Sharing knowledge is our joy!

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